Hi! My name is Bryan McCoy. I’m a Software Engineer.

My Bio

I am passionate about software development of all shapes and sizes. My prefered stack is .Net, but I have experience in others. I believe in using the right tool for the right job! I am also an active member in my .Net community. and a proud member of the Baton Rouge .Net User Group’s leadership.


By day I work in the Microsoft stack. I use everything from a Windows dev machine, VsCode, Visual Studios, Microsoft Sql Server, IIS, Windows Server, C#, .Net Core, Blazor, Azure, etc… I also have a lot of experience in Angular starting with version 1.3 up to and including Angular 7. I have also been known to do a little React.

By night I am all over the place. My personal projects are done with Docker, Ubuntu, Nginx, .Net Core, Reactjs, Angular, python, MySql, and much more. I love exploring new frameworks and libraries.